"Earth, the only planet with free choice in the Milky Way Galaxy"

“.. A billion years ago, they (Pleiadians) went through a change and they went through a shift, and they had free choice. Back then, they were the only planet that did in their time, and eventually they went through a metamorphosis of consciousness. ”

“.. So again, we tell you that the ones who came to help seed you approximately 100,000 to 200,000 Earth years ago were the Pleiadians who had gone into graduate status and who had changed consciousness. They had become quantum with free choice, and you have parts of their DNA within you. ..”

“..You're surrounded by divine beings who keep you safe and will continue while this planet of only free choice – the only one at the moment – makes its decision. You're turning the corner of consciousness and they all know it, for they've all been through it and they remember it. Oh dear ones, consciousness is volatile! You've seen it change so slowly, but it's about to change faster. It's not going to take generations and generations as in the past. Instead, you're going to see real-time changes. Humans won't wait to have children for them to grow up and have children. ..”

"The Quantum Factor" – Apr 10, 2011 (Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll) (Subjects: Galaxies, Universe, Intelligent design, Benevolent design, Aliens, Nikola Tesla (Quantum energy), Inter-Planetary Travel, DNA, Genes, Stem Cells, Cells, Rejuvenation, Shift of Human Consciousness, Spontaneous Remission, Religion, Dictators, Africa, China, Nuclear Power, Sustainable Development, Animals, Global Unity.. etc.) - (Text Version)

“.. In time, the quantum factor will be discovered on this planet. When it is, it will be highly controversial, and it's going to fly in the face of logic and 3D and the way things work via the scientific method. The ramp-up to all this is difficult. The old souls in front of me have signed on to work this new energy and they've waded through lifetimes, just waiting for this. What would you do as a scientist if the experiments before you had "a mind of their own"? What would you think if magnetics, gravity and light could only be assembled in a certain way that created healing and never a destructive alignment? All this is going to redefine some of the basic forces in the Universe. Intelligent design is only the first, and even today many astronomers and physicists still think it's an anomaly. 

That will be the next largest discovery on the planet. It's been held back from you because it takes a higher vibrating consciousness to create and understand it. When any planet discovers a quantum energy and is able to use it, you could go to that planet and know that you will meet high-consciousness entities. This has never been given to you before that, for within the quantum factor contains the secret of interplanetary travel using large, entangled states. There are ways of doing things you never thought could happen. You can throw away your rocket ships. You're on the edge of that.  ..”

“… And so, dear Human Being, you have the ability to start to return to an energy that you thought you'd lost, where Human beings are allowed to live longer and it doesn't destroy the environment. They don't overcrowd themselves because they can control it through their minds instead of laws... and through wisdom.

Some day you'll meet the star seeds, your Pleiadian sisters and brothers. They're even here now, since they are quantum. You've got Pleiadian ancestors who live a very, very long time in a graduate situation in a planet that went through the test just like yours. And it developed a quantum factor. They have benevolence and they have quantum energy. That's how they get here instantly and return, and they'll never interrupt your free choice. That's also why they don't land and say hello. Instead, they sit and cheer on the sidelines for what you've finally done. They are waiting with you to celebrate the December solstice of 2012... the half way point of the 36 year shift you are in. …”

"Demystifying the future" + "Physics in the next 500 years"(#) - May 16-17, 2014 (Kryon Channelling by Lee Carroll) - (#) (This channel will become a historical channel in the future, prove that Kryon is a real communication from the Creative Source/God to Humanity - "Our Family") - (Text version "Physics in the next 500 years")

1 To seea nd measure multi-dimensional/quantum physics, instrument (super-cooling quantum plasma lens)

2 Two more laws of multi-dimensional physics revealed: explanation of dark matter & acknowledgement of free energy (controlling mass)

3 God in the atom. God has - provable - part in physics. Intelligent/benevolent design. (Will bring religion and science together)

4 Human Consciousness is an attribute of physics. (Pleiadians - Humans ancestors / Humans free choice only planet in the Milky Way Galaxy. Other galaxies have their own spiritual systems and physics)

5 Coherent DNA. Multidimensional DNA coherent between dimensions will give Enhanced DNA

The Key to Life is Balance

The Key to Life is Balance

UFO's / ET's

UFO's / ET's
One of the first of many UFO photographs taken by Carlos Diaz-Mexico.
Lee Carroll is an American channeller, speaker and author.
Originally an audio engineer, Carroll claims that he began to channel communication with an entity from a higher dimension called Kryon in 1989. He describes Kryon as an angelic loving entity from the Source (or "Central Sun") who has been with the Earth "since the beginning" and belonging to the same "Family" of Archangel Michael.
The information he publishes, both printed and online, is intended to help humans ascend to a higher vibrational level.

Greg Braden "If we are honest, truthful, considerate, caring and compassionate, if we live this each day, we have already prepared for whatever could possibly come on 2012 or any other day, any other year, any time in our future."

The annual Perseid meteor shower

The annual Perseid meteor shower
Google: The annual Perseid meteor shower is happening now in today’s doodle on our home page. (11 Aug 2014)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Recession drives U.S. restaurateurs, diners to trucks

Reuters, by Laura Isensee, Sun Sep 6, 2009 9:33pm EDT

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Every Thursday night, Lonnie Bishop and Lisa Case have a dinner date. For $5 each, the couple dines on fancy hot dogs served from a food truck parked outside their favorite wine shop in Los Angeles.

The fire engine-red truck labeled "Let's be Frank" is part of a growing fleet of mobile food vendors that serve tasty and inventive fare, often organic.

People wait for their food as others line up to place their orders at Kogi, a Korean BBQ-inspired taco truck, in Torrance, California, April 17, 2009.(REUTERS/Danny Moloshok)

The trend has drawn entrepreneurs looking for opportunities in the recession and diners seeking cheap eats.

The new vehicles raise the bar from the traditional "taco trucks" that sell mainly Mexican fare at construction sites and in neighborhoods in U.S. cities with big Latino populations.

Their menus are wildly different, attracting adventurous foodies with unusual items: tacos filled with Korean-style barbecued meat, vegan burgers, sushi, cupcakes, and architecturally inspired ice cream sandwiches.

"I've eaten all over the world in three-star restaurants. I enjoy this as much as I enjoy anything and I save a lot of money," said Bishop, 46, holding a bun-wrapped sausage made from family-farmed pork and topped with pickles.

With the economic downturn, restaurateurs have struggled to find funding to open full-scale restaurants, said Tom Forte, an analyst at Telsey Advisory Group in New York City.

The cost of setting up an eatery on wheels is a fraction of what's needed to open a sit-down restaurant, Forte said, noting it takes $900,000 to open a Chipotle Mexican Grill.

Erica Cohen, 34, began her career at an upscale restaurant group but scaled down her dream of opening a traditional burger joint because it seemed so risky during the recession.

So, for $30,000, Cohen and her business partner leased a boxy truck complete with a kitchen and an order window.


Their hot pink truck, called "Baby's Badass Burgers," flaunts a logo of two buxom cooks who could double as pin-up models and sells gourmet mini-burgers. Parked off Hollywood Boulevard, the truck draws workers like Lara Yturriaga, who ordered a Cougar -- two mini burgers topped with St-Andre cheese and black truffles.

"I'm on a quest this whole month (to eat at) 10 food trucks," Yturriaga, 25, said. So far, she's tasted Indian crepes and Asian-style meat in a rice-patty bun.

"I like that it's always something different," she said.

Many operators use Twitter to tell customers where they're going next. 'Kogi,' which serves Korean barbecue tacos, was among the first to use the free social media site.

"A restaurant is more like a passive sell. The lunch truck is more active," said Takeshi Kimura, who launched his "Fish Lips" sushi truck this summer.

Big chains are putting their own spin on the trend.

Taco Bell, owned by the giant Yum Brands Inc, uses Twitter for its promotional taco truck that hit the road this summer, handing out free food along its cross-country route.

Diner Michelle Madrid, 26, said the fun is in the chase.

"It's cool -- the whole 'guess where we are,'" she said.

Plus, it's now hip to be a penny-pincher.

"It used to be cool to have a credit card and be all high-flying. Now cash is king," said Kam Miceli, who helped start "Green Truck," which serves high-end organic fare.

Miceli, who built up a fleet of 11 trucks in Los Angeles and New York, plans to expand in Miami in the fall and is eyeing markets like Austin, Texas, and Washington, D.C. While developers have tried to convince him to open a traditional sit-down eatery, Miceli says he is not interested.

"We are sticking with trucks," he said.

(Editing by Alan Elsner, Eric Walsh and Mary Milliken)

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