"Earth, the only planet with free choice in the Milky Way Galaxy"

“.. A billion years ago, they (Pleiadians) went through a change and they went through a shift, and they had free choice. Back then, they were the only planet that did in their time, and eventually they went through a metamorphosis of consciousness. ”

“.. So again, we tell you that the ones who came to help seed you approximately 100,000 to 200,000 Earth years ago were the Pleiadians who had gone into graduate status and who had changed consciousness. They had become quantum with free choice, and you have parts of their DNA within you. ..”

“..You're surrounded by divine beings who keep you safe and will continue while this planet of only free choice – the only one at the moment – makes its decision. You're turning the corner of consciousness and they all know it, for they've all been through it and they remember it. Oh dear ones, consciousness is volatile! You've seen it change so slowly, but it's about to change faster. It's not going to take generations and generations as in the past. Instead, you're going to see real-time changes. Humans won't wait to have children for them to grow up and have children. ..”

"The Quantum Factor" – Apr 10, 2011 (Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll) (Subjects: Galaxies, Universe, Intelligent design, Benevolent design, Aliens, Nikola Tesla (Quantum energy), Inter-Planetary Travel, DNA, Genes, Stem Cells, Cells, Rejuvenation, Shift of Human Consciousness, Spontaneous Remission, Religion, Dictators, Africa, China, Nuclear Power, Sustainable Development, Animals, Global Unity.. etc.) - (Text Version)

“.. In time, the quantum factor will be discovered on this planet. When it is, it will be highly controversial, and it's going to fly in the face of logic and 3D and the way things work via the scientific method. The ramp-up to all this is difficult. The old souls in front of me have signed on to work this new energy and they've waded through lifetimes, just waiting for this. What would you do as a scientist if the experiments before you had "a mind of their own"? What would you think if magnetics, gravity and light could only be assembled in a certain way that created healing and never a destructive alignment? All this is going to redefine some of the basic forces in the Universe. Intelligent design is only the first, and even today many astronomers and physicists still think it's an anomaly. 

That will be the next largest discovery on the planet. It's been held back from you because it takes a higher vibrating consciousness to create and understand it. When any planet discovers a quantum energy and is able to use it, you could go to that planet and know that you will meet high-consciousness entities. This has never been given to you before that, for within the quantum factor contains the secret of interplanetary travel using large, entangled states. There are ways of doing things you never thought could happen. You can throw away your rocket ships. You're on the edge of that.  ..”

“… And so, dear Human Being, you have the ability to start to return to an energy that you thought you'd lost, where Human beings are allowed to live longer and it doesn't destroy the environment. They don't overcrowd themselves because they can control it through their minds instead of laws... and through wisdom.

Some day you'll meet the star seeds, your Pleiadian sisters and brothers. They're even here now, since they are quantum. You've got Pleiadian ancestors who live a very, very long time in a graduate situation in a planet that went through the test just like yours. And it developed a quantum factor. They have benevolence and they have quantum energy. That's how they get here instantly and return, and they'll never interrupt your free choice. That's also why they don't land and say hello. Instead, they sit and cheer on the sidelines for what you've finally done. They are waiting with you to celebrate the December solstice of 2012... the half way point of the 36 year shift you are in. …”

"FUTURE AND PHYSICS (#)" - May 16-17, 2014 (Kryon Channelling by Lee Carroll) - (Text version Physics) - New

(#) New major Discoveries (This channel will become a historical channel in the future, prove that Kryon is a real communication to humanity from the Creative Source)

1 To see and measure multi-dimensional/quantum physics, instrument (super-cooling quantum plasma lens)

2 Two more laws of multi-dimensional physics revealed: explanation of dark matter & acknowledgement of free energy (controlling mass)

3 God in the atom. God has - provable - part in physics. Intelligent/benevolent design. (Will bring religion and science together).

4 Human Consciousness is an attribute of physics. (Pleiadians - Humans ancestors / Humans free choice only planet in the Milky Way Galaxy. Other galaxies have their own spiritual systems and physics)

5.Coherent DNA. Multidimensional DNA coherent between dimensions will give Enhanced DNA

The Key to Life is Balance

The Key to Life is Balance

UFO's / ET's

UFO's / ET's
One of the first of many UFO photographs taken by Carlos Diaz-Mexico.
Lee Carroll is an American channeller, speaker and author.
Originally an audio engineer, Carroll claims that he began to channel communication with an entity from a higher dimension called Kryon in 1989. He describes Kryon as an angelic loving entity from the Source (or "Central Sun") who has been with the Earth "since the beginning" and belonging to the same "Family" of Archangel Michael.
The information he publishes, both printed and online, is intended to help humans ascend to a higher vibrational level.

Greg Braden "If we are honest, truthful, considerate, caring and compassionate, if we live this each day, we have already prepared for whatever could possibly come on 2012 or any other day, any other year, any time in our future."

The annual Perseid meteor shower

The annual Perseid meteor shower
Google: The annual Perseid meteor shower is happening now in today’s doodle on our home page. (11 Aug 2014)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

EU stem cell ruling paves the way for pioneering medical research

The European Court of Justice has ruled that egg cells incapable of developing into human beings cannot be considered human embryos. Allowing patents on the use of such organisms will push forward controversial research.

Deutsche Welle, 18 Dec 2014

Research involving a human egg used to produce embryonic stem cells but unable to develop into an embryo can be patented, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled Thursday.

The decision is of huge interest for biotechnology companies investing in stem cell research. Work on stem cell therapies is still experimental, but researchers believe they could be used to treat a range of diseases from Parkinson's to blindness. Until now, however, strict restrictions on obtaining patents have slowed research.

The case was brought in Britain by US company International Stem Cell Corporation against the UK Intellectual Property Office for refusing to grant it two patents covering the use of human egg cells.

The British authorities had argued that since the eggs involved were active and developing organisms, even though they were not fertilized by male sperm, previous EU law prevented the company from securing a patent on them. In 2011, the ECJ had ruled that stem cell research involving human embryos could not be patented.

International Stem Cell Corporation argued that the eggs, activated by a chemical process known as parthenogenesis, could not develop into human beings as they lacked the full parental DNA required.

Thursday's ruling stated that such organisms do not constitute human embryos, and that their uses in scientific research could therefore be patented.

"In order to be classified as a 'human embryo,' a non-fertilized human ovum must necessarily have the inherent capacity of developing into a human being," a statement from the ECJ said.

The statement also made clear that if an egg is able to develop into an embryo, "it should be treated in the same way as a fertilized human ovum, at all stages of its development." In that case, EU member states would still have the right under existing law to deny patents on ethical and moral grounds.

Stem cell research has long been controversial, with critics arguing against the use of embryos left over from fertility treatment. However, scientists contend that the research is justified as the stem cells they used are derived from surplus eggs. Embryonic stem cells are more flexible than adult stem cells, and therefore more widely used in research.

lvw/mg (AFP, Reuters, dpa)
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Question: Dearest Kryon: I've read the question and answer on people with diseases of the mind - for example, Alzheimers and dementia. But I have more questions. You say that people have chosen this path and that the lessons are for us. As I work with these people, I'm wondering if there is any stage where there could be a reversal of the condition, and if so, with what methods? The people in the hostel are so drugged up, and there's a mind-set with the authorities that no "alternate" therapies work - although they're using colored lights. (Sadly, the diversional therapist told me she doesn't know what color therapy is.)

From a spiritual point of view, what is the best way to work with these people - talk to them as though they were normal, or go along with their imaginings? I've been told that they need to be kept quiet, especially toward evening. However, I've found that with one woman who mostly paces saying very little, the more childlike I am (dancing and singing makes her happy), the more she talks. I could go on and on - could you please enlighten me further?

Answer: I will answer the second part first. Love those who are in this condition. Find out what makes them smile... and then make them smile. The best you can do in a facilitation of this condition is to somehow create joy. Even in their confusion they can laugh at situations and be creative. They'll also remember you better as the one who creates this emotion. Each is very different, but in general, try to find their "happy" button and push it as often as you can. They will remember that.

Right now you're perched upon some important discoveries that will be able to reverse these conditions to a large degree. But just as the paraplegic who regains their nerve connections must than relearn how to walk, suffering much pain, there will be this attribute with a regeneration of the mind. Even if new cells are created, they won't necessarily have the old memories, but they can be trained to be healthy and be ready for new memories.

So someday these will have the ability to halt the progress of the degeneration of cells that are being taken, and instead grow new pathways around them. Some will be able to "reconnect" to certain kinds of memories (like recognition) but will have to relearn what the association of recognition actually means. So history and events might have to be studied and relearned... sometimes even things like reading, also. The pain will be that the individual will regain mental health and will realize exactly what has happened.

Your stem-cell research is very important, and you're reaching a point where you'll be able to use birth cells that aren't embryonic, but every bit as potent for research... thereby sidestepping all moral issues. Look for this in the next few years. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Methane ‘spikes’ fuel speculation of life on Mars

Nasa’s Curiosity rover measures fluctuations of gas not easily explained by geology or organic material dropped by meteorites

The GuardianIan Sample and agencies,16 December 2014

The sun rises over Gale Crater on Mars where the Curiosity rover detected
the methane fluctuations. Photograph: Stocktrek Images/Alamy

Nasa’s robotic rover, Curiosity, has detected fluctuating wafts of methane on Mars, fuelling speculation that the gas may be coming from a form of life on the red planet.

An instrument on the six-wheeled robot measured mysterious spikes of methane that cannot easily be explained by geology or organic material transported to the planet by comets or asteroids.

“That we detect methane in the atmosphere on Mars is not an argument that we have found evidence of life on Mars, but it’s one of the few hypotheses that we can propose that we must consider,” John Grotzinger, a scientist on the Curiosity team, told the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco. “Large organic molecules present in ancient rocks on Mars is also not an argument that there was once life on ancient Mars, but it is the kind of material you’d look for if life had ever originated on Mars.”

The instrument recorded a 10-fold increase in methane in the atmosphere around it and detected other organic molecules in powdered rock collected by the rover’s drill, the first definitive detection of organics in surface materials of Mars. These organics could either have formed on Mars or landed on Mars via meteorites.

“This temporary increase in methane, sharply up and then back down, tells us there must be some relatively localised source,” said Sushil Atreya, of the Curiosity science team at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. “There are many possible sources, biological or non-biological, such as interaction of water and rock.”

Mars satellites have detected plumes of methane from the surface before, but none as extraordinary as the sudden venting of the gas measured at Gale Crater, where evidence suggests water once flowed billions of years ago.

Curiosity, one of Nasa’s two Mars exploration rovers, landed in the 96-mile-wide crater in August 2012 and has been exploring the region since. Last year the US space agency reported that Gale contained the remains of an ancient freshwater lake that may have been a hospitable environment for life in the distant past. 

 A computer-generated image of the
Curiosity rover. Photograph: Nasa/PA
The latest discovery, reported in the journal Science, followed studies of gas samples by Curiosity’s tunable laser spectrometer (TAS), which uses intense light to carry out chemical analysis. It revealed a low background level of methane which spiked over 60 Martian days.

In four sequential measurements, Curiosity showed the methane level soaring from about 0.69 parts per billion by volume (ppbv) to 7.2 ppbv. The spikes occurred within 200 to 300 metres of each other and less than a kilometre from where the lower readings were detected.

By the time Curiosity had travelled a further kilometre, the higher methane levels had disappeared. Researchers led by Chris Webster at Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, wrote: “The persistence of the high methane values over 60 sols (Martian days) and their sudden drop 47 sols later is not consistent with a well-mixed event, but rather with a local production or venting that, once terminated, disperses quickly.”

The wind direction indicated a source to the north of the rover.

Life is the chief producer of methane on Earth, but many non-biological processes can generate the gas.

The low background level of methane detected by Curiosity could be explained by the Sun’s rays degrading organic material possibly deposited by meteors, the Nasa scientists said. But the spikes of methane required an additional source, which was unlikely to be a recent impact by a comet or asteroid. Such an object would have had to measure several metres across and would have left a large crater, no sign of which was visible.

The short timescale of the methane spikes did not suggest the gas was released from volcanic deposits trapped in ice, called clathrates. Nor did it appear to come from the release of gaseous methane that had become bound to the soil.

The Nasa authors were cautious about jumping to conclusions, but concluded that “methanogenesis” – the formation of methane by microbial bugs known as methanogens – may be one answer to the riddle.

“Our measurements spanning a full Mars year indicate that trace quantities of methane are being generated on Mars by more than one mechanism or a combination of proposed mechanisms – including methanogenesis either today or released from past reservoirs, or both.”

Monica Grady, a planetary scientist at Open University, said: “They have repeated their measurements over an extended period of time, and performed careful calibrations, so I’m sure the data are good.

“They consider several different origins, including destruction by UV radiation of in-falling organic material from interplanetary dust and meteorites, release from clathrates and even methane-generating bugs. Without additional data, such as knowing the carbon and hydrogen isotopic composition of the gas, it is difficult to assign a specific source. My own preference, based on nothing other than instinct, would be to go for clathrates rather than bugs.”

Gale Crater

Gale Crater, on the Martian equator, was created when a large meteor struck the planet 3.5bn to 3.8bn years ago. At its centre is a high mountain, named Mount Sharp, that rises 18,000ft above the crater floor. Flowing water appears to have carved channels in the sides of the mountain and the crater walls.

Another major discovery by Curiosity was that of water bound in the fine-grained soil within the crater. Each cubic foot of Martian soil was found to contain around two pints of water, not freely accessible but attached to minerals.

The rover has reached the base of Mount Sharp and over the coming months will begin a slow ascent. Scientists are keen to explore the mountain because its sedimentary layers provide snapshots of Martian history.

The question of whether there is, or was, life on Mars may finally be answered by the European Space Agency’s ExoMars mission, which will land a 300kg rover there in 2019. It will be equipped with a two-metre drill and the ability to detect biomarkers of life. It will not be heading for Gale Crater, however. Because it will land with less precision than Curiosity, the crater and its mountain are considered too potentially hazardous. 

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Meteorite evidence suggests life on Mars: Chinese researcher

Want China Times, Staff Reporter 2014-12-15

A meteorite. (File photo/CNS)

A research team formed by scientists from China, Switzerland, Germany and Japan conducted a series of tests on a meteorite and have found evidence suggesting life on Mars, reports state broadcaster China National Radio.

The broadcaster interviewed Lin Yangting, the team leader and a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Science's Institute of Geology and Geophysics.

The team found dozens of carbon particles, only one-tenth of a hair's width in size, on a meteorite found on Earth. It was attributed to a Mars origin because of its elements profile, which matches what the US analyzed and documented when the country explored the planet in 1976.

The scientists were able to determine that carbon particles did not come from pollutants that could have "clung" to the meteorite after entering the earth's atmosphere. The 120th Mars rock ever discovered on Earth was found "unlikely to be contaminated" in the desert of Morocco in 2011. It was also the youngest meteorite, dated at appromixately 600 million years old, said Lin.

The carbon particles could be pure carbon or organic matter, so the team examined them under a Raman spectroscopy device that can measure in nanometers. Then the hydrogen, oxygen and carbon structure of the contents were analyzed. The team compared the data with coal and ruled that the particles are organic matter and possibly sediments from underground water.

Another US research team which also analyzed the particles, however, disagreed with Lin's conclusions. They believe the particles to have been formed by lava, meaning the carbon content does not prove life existed on Mars.

Lin's team found an article in an international journal which claims that groundwater existed on Mars 200 million years ago. The Chinese researcher said the life of the planet would be quite simple and primitive, such as bacteria, since so far no one has seen any living creature on the red planet.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Rosetta Suggests Earth’s Water Came From Asteroids, Not Comets

Jakarta Globe – AFP, Dec 11, 2014

This NASA photo obtained on Dec. 10, 2014 shows from the International Space
 Station, a photo taken by Expedition 42 Commander Barry Wilmore of the Great
Lakes and central US on Dec. 7, 2014. (AFP Photo/NASA/Barry Wilmore)

Washington. Water on Earth is more likely to have come from asteroids that hit our planet billions of years ago than comets, European researchers said on Wednesday.

Mankind’s first-ever probe of a comet came last month when the European Space Agency’s Philae lander touched down on the duck-shaped 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet, but the latest report in the journal Science comes from an instrument aboard the Rosetta spacecraft that has been studying the comet’s interior since August.

“We have to conclude … the terrestrial water was brought by asteroids more likely than comets,” said Kathrin Altwegg, principal investigator on the ROSINA mass spectrometer that has been examining the chemical fingerprint of water and other gases in the comet.

The report in the peer-reviewed US journal is based on the atomic signature of water molecules from the comet, showing that they are vastly different from water on Earth.

Scientists measure the ratio between deuterium, a hydrogen isotope, and hydrogen, which forms water when combined with oxygen.

The comet has shown “probably the highest level of deuterium to hydrogen ratio, the most heavy of any of the solar system’s bodies,” said Altwegg, a professor at the University of Bern in Switzerland.

The ratio is between 30 and 120 percent higher than that formed in water molecules found in Halley’s comet, which belongs to the same comet family, Jupiter, formed in the Kuiper Belt.

Such a high ratio of deuterium to hydrogen “probably means that it was formed at very low temperatures and that it could be… most probably the original material from the very, very early time of our solar system, so it’s a real treasure chest to explore how our solar system looks like 4.6 billion years ago,” she said.

On the other hand, water in asteroids has a lower deuterium/hydrogen ratio and is more similar to water on Earth.

Comets are rich in water, which is not the case for asteroids — some of which have none, said Francis Rocard, a Rosetta scientist at the France’s National Center for Space Studies (CNES).

Also, many more asteroids have been found to date (650,000) than comets (4,000), he told AFP.

“To me, these findings do not shake things up but render them a bit more complex than we previously believed, all while reinforcing the hypothesis that asteroids are the source of Earth’s water,” he told AFP.

“The ratio of deuterium to hydrogen in water is variable from one comet to another, much more so it appears than in asteroids and for the moment we are not sure why.”

Comets are the most primitive objects in the solar system and are rich in carbon, and by smashing into the Earth scientists say they may have brought elements that allowed life to exist.

The Rosetta mission, approved in 1993, aims at exploring the composition of comets, believed to be primordial clusters of ice and dust left from the building of the solar system 4.6 billion years ago.

Agence France-Presse

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Star-Gazing Tourists Flock to Africa’s Darkest Place

Jakarta Globe – AFP, Andrew Beatty, Dec 07, 2014

Active regions on the sun combine to look something like a jack-o-lantern's face,
 as pictured in this image provided by NASA on Oct. 8, 2014. In addition to the Namib
 desert, Hawaii and Chile have become renowned as astro-tourism hot spots,
according to AFP. (Reuters Photo/NASA/Handout)

The Namib Desert, Namibia. Not many tourist spots boast of being dark and difficult to get to, but the Namib desert is one of a number of remote “Dark Sky Reserves” drawing in stargazers for a celestial safari.

In the cool night air, an urbane Austrian tourist climbs rocky steps behind a chic hotel lodge and peers into a matte-black metal cylinder containing a spine of mirrors and lenses that reveal the universe.

“My mum wanted to set him on fire yesterday when he said, ‘We are looking ten million years in the past!’” he joked, pointing at the resident astronomer.

Not everyone is ready to face the enormity of the universe laid out so starkly by powerful magnification and the crisp desert sky.

But across the starkly beautiful Namib, hotels and lodges are betting that the stars will lead to more business rather than a spike in Galileo-esque witch hunts.

Many lodges have bought research-grade or “prosumer” telescopes and hired live-in astronomers as they try to lure tourists who want to gaze deeper into space and time.

According to consultancy Euromonitor, astro-tourism holidays are growing in line with increased urbanization, with Africa in particular “taking off”.

“Most people come here for the other activities, visiting the dunes or the nature reserve where you see all the wildlife. This is kind of a bonus,” said Misha Vickas, formerly a guide at a public observatory in Sydney, but now resident at the AndBeyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge.

“Most people have never looked through a telescope and a lot of them have just never looked up.”

Vickas operates a “go-to” telescope, a device which, once calibrated, pivots on demand to any star or planet with little more than a mechanical hum and whir.

Not that a telescope is really needed in the Namib.

Across as much as 50 percent of the Earth the starry firmament is obscured by an orange glow of man-made light pollution.

During the day, the Namib’s sea of copper red and ecru yellow dunes and mountains glow blindingly, befitting the world’s oldest desert.

But in the inky night sky, the Milky Way seems much closer than Windhoek, a half day’s drive away across dirt track and sun-rippled single-lane carriageway.

Mars’s red glow, Magellanic clouds — dwarf galaxies outside our own — and assorted gaseous nebulae are all visible with the naked eye.

“The sky is particularly good to look at here, because the Milky Way, which is the main part of our galaxy, is usually very high overhead,” meaning light refraction is at a minimum, Vickas said.

“There is a lot to look at.”

Darkest places on earth

In 2012, a sliver of the central Namib the size of Mauritius — the NamibRand — was named Africa’s first “Dark Sky Reserve,” in recognition of the sky’s special allure here.

A handful of similar sites exist across the world, including Aoraki Mackenzie on New Zealand’s South Island and the Iveragh Peninsula on Ireland’s southwest coast.

Hawaii and Chile have also become renowned as astro-tourism hot spots.

“The darkest places are almost inevitably distant from populated places,” said John Barentine of the Arizona-based International Dark-Sky Association, which awards the designation.

“The glow of cities can often be seen several hundred kilometers away under good conditions.”

To rank sky quality, scientists use measurements like the Bortle scale.

An inner city is level nine, meaning you can see very little. Bright constellations like Orion may be faint or even invisible.

At the other end of the scale, in a first-class sky like the Namib, Venus and Jupiter shine bright, a white swathe of zodiacal light smears the sky.

Like parts of Chile, the Namib’s good weather and ultra-dry atmosphere make for clear nights and particularly transparent air all the way to the horizon.

“A visitor to NamibRand has a statistically high probability of experiencing that exceptionally dark sky on any given night,” Barentine said.

Namibia has just over two million people spread over an area roughly the size of Pakistan or Nigeria, making it one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world.

“NamibRand is located in one of the darkest accessible places that remain on Earth,” said Barentine.

“It is as close as you get to the way the world was long ago, before the invention and proliferation of artificial lights.”

That may be the only thing this remote region is close to — thankfully for stargazing tourists.

Agence France-Presse

Saturday, December 6, 2014

NASA craft to probe Pluto after nine-year journey

Yahoo – AFP, Jean-Louis Santini, 7 Dec 2014

This artist's concept obtained December 1, 2014 courtesy of NASA/Johns
 Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute
shows the New Horizons spacecraft as it approaches Pluto and its three
moons in summer 2015 (AFP Photo/)

Washington (AFP) - An American probe that will explore Pluto woke up from its slumber Saturday, after a nine-year journey to take a close look at the distant body for the first time.

"New Horizons is healthy and cruising quietly through deep space, nearly three billion miles from home, but its rest is nearly over," said Alice Bowman, the craft's operations manager at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory outside Washington.

The probe came out of hibernation and transmitted a message to Earth.

New Horizons was launched in January 2006 and was in hibernation for 1,873 days, about two thirds of its journey, to preserve the craft's electric power and minimize resources needed to monitor it.

During its trip, NASA engineers woke the craft every few months to check if its systems were still functioning.

The craft's computer has also been sending a weekly message to Earth that travels four hours to get here.

It aims to study Pluto, an icy body with several moons near the outer reaches of our solar system.

New Horizons begins its exploration of Pluto in January at a distance of about 260 million kilometers (160 million miles) from the body.

The probe will pass closest to Pluto, which travels on an elliptical orbit, in July, just before it ends its research.

During its mission, New Horizons will collect data on Pluto's topography and its largest moon Charon, giving astronomers an up-close look at the dim surfaces that are difficult to see from Earth.

The craft carries onboard seven instruments including infrared and ultraviolet spectrometers, a multicolor camera, a high-resolution telescopic camera and a space dust detector.

All of the instruments aboard New Horizons draw power from a radioisotope thermoelectric generator, which provides less power than a pair of 100-watt light bulbs, scientists said.

After New Horizons finishes its six-month investigation of Pluto, it will pass near other objects in the Kuiper Belt, a vast ring of debris left over from the solar system's birth 4.6 billion years ago.

Scientists identified three possible objects in the Kuiper Belt, about 1.5 billion kilometers from Pluto, that New Horizons could also investigate.

Pluto is about 2,300 kilometers in diameter, smaller than Earth's moon, and has a mass about 500 times less than Earth.

Pluto and its five moons circle the sun every 247.7 years.

In 2006, the International Astronomical Union withdrew Pluto's status as a planet given its small size, reclassifying it as a dwarf planet and leaving the solar system with eight planets.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Orion test marks 'milestone' for US space program: NASA

Yahoo – AFP, Kerry Sheridan, 5 Dec 2014

The United Launch Alliance Delta IV rocket carrying NASA's first Orion deep
 space exploration craft takes off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on December 5,
2014 (AFP Photo/Joe Raedle)

Cape Canaveral (AFP) - The US space agency's Orion capsule made a flawless first test flight on Friday, in what NASA called a "significant milestone" in the years-long journey to Mars.

The unmanned spacecraft soared into space at 7:05 am (1205 GMT) atop a United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy rocket that rumbled and roared as it climbed into the pastel skies over the Florida coast at sunrise, leaving a plume of smoke in its wake.

"It was just a blast to see how well the rocket did," said Orion program manager Mark Geyer, after technical issues with the rocket and wind gusts delayed the first launch attempt Thursday.

"Being near a launch -- a rocket that big -- you can feel it."

The four-and-a-half hour flight was "picture-perfect" and "a significant milestone for America's space program," said NASA commentator Rob Navias.

It tested crucial systems like the heat shield and parachute splashdown. NASA engineers will carefully study the data it collected in the days and weeks to come to see how the capsule withstood the stress of space flight.

Peak height

The spacecraft made two loops around the Earth smoothly, first orbiting about as high as the International Space Station, which circles at an altitude of about 270 miles (430 kilometers).

Halfway through the flight, a second stage engine burn went ahead as planned, to propel the spacecraft higher than any vessel meant to carry people since the Apollo 17 moon mission in 1972.

About three hours into the flight, at 10:11 am (1511 GMT), the spacecraft reached its peak height of 3,604 miles above the Earth.

Four hours 24 minutes after launch, the spacecraft floated back to Earth, aided by a trio of parachutes, before plunging into the waters 600 miles to the west of Baja California, to be retrieved by the US Navy.

An analysis of sophisticated sensors on the capsule should let NASA know how the heat shield performed and if the temperature inside remained survivable for a potential crew.

The spacecraft's exterior heated to 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit (2,200 Celsius) during its re-entry to Earth's atmosphere at a velocity of 20,000 miles per hour.

Potential future missions for Orion, which can fit four people at a time, include a trip to lasso an asteroid and a journey to Mars by the 2030s.

"I think it's a big day for the world, for people who know and love space," said NASA administrator Charles Bolden.

NASA has already spent $9.1 billion on Orion and the powerful rocket meant to propel it with crew on board, the Space Launch System (SLS).

Another unmanned test flight is slated for 2018. The first Orion test flight with a crew on board is scheduled for 2021, when total costs are projected to reach $19 to $22 billion.

About $370 million dollars in equipment was at stake in Friday's launch.

NASA says the Orion launch has reinvigorated a manned exploration program that has been stagnant for more than three years since the last space shuttle carried a crew of astronauts to the International Space Station.

The 30-year shuttle program ended in 2011, leaving the United States no option but to pay Russia to carry astronauts on its Soyuz capsules at a cost of $71 million per seat.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Psychologist Says Children With Past-Life Memories Exhibit PTSD Symptoms

Epoch Times, Tara MacIsaac, December 1, 2014


The universe is full of mysteries that challenge our current knowledge. In "Beyond Science" Epoch Times collects stories about these strange phenomena to stimulate the imagination and open up previously undreamed of possibilities. Are they true? You decide.

Children who report memories of violent deaths in past lives may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), according to psychologist Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson, professor emeritus at the University of Iceland in Reykjavik.

From the ages of 2 to 6, children are more likely to talk about being someone else, often someone who experienced trauma—a soldier who died in the line of fire, a pilot who crashed, a murder victim. After the age of 6, they often lose interest or even forget what they’d previously said. The memories, whether really from a past life or imagined, can have a negative psychological impact on the child.

Some become emphatic and distressed about having left their other family or home and wanting to return. Some have debilitating phobias seemingly related to the traumatic death they remember. Some are haunted by the traumas of their purported past lives in flashbacks or nightmares.

The symptoms may be very similar to those experienced by soldiers returning from war with PTSD.

Dr. Haraldsson cited the World Health Organization criteria for diagnosing PTSD in his paper, “Children Who Speak of Past-Life Experiences: Is There a Psychological Explanation?”:

1. The patient has been exposed to a stressful event or situation of an exceptionally threatening or catastrophic nature.
2. There must be persistent remembering and “reliving” of the stressor in intrusive “flashbacks” or vivid memories.
3. There is either an inability to recall or persistent symptoms of increased psychological sensitivity and arousal shown by any two of the following: difficulty in falling or staying asleep, irritability or outbursts of anger, difficulty in concentrating, hypervigilance, and an exaggerated startle response.

In a study of dozens of children who have reported past-life memories in Lebanon and Sri Lanka (two places with sufficiently different cultural backgrounds to preclude this factor in the children’s behavior, according to Haraldsson), Haraldsson found them to frequently relive the trauma, and to have outbursts of anger.

Some also had more difficulty concentrating, sudden changes in mood, and aggressiveness, when compared to their peers.

Dr. Jim Tucker, a reincarnation researcher at the University of Virginia, wrote in his book “Return to Life: Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Past Lives”: “In the cases in which the previous person died an unnatural death, over 35 percent of the children show an intense fear of the mode of death, the kind of avoidant behavior that is part of the official DSM [Diagnostic and Statistical Manual] criteria for PTSD.”

His book includes the example of a caucasian child who seemed to remember being an African American girl of about 7 years old. The girl saw herself walking along a road on a hot day, noticing her dry hands looked “ashy,” and then being abducted by two caucasian men in an old-fashioned car who raped and killed her.

She had a heightened startle response, which may have related back to these memories or visions she had. She also had persistent daytime memories of the traumatic event and frequent nightmares about it.

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"..... DNA - A Quantum Force 

Now we get to the core truth, don't we? So I will tell you. The ninety percent of DNA which is quantum, is filled with information, both esoteric and timeless. It is a quantum blueprint for everything you are and have been since you arrived on the planet the first time. DNA contains instruction sets for your life; everything from your full Akashic Record - every single lifetime you have had - to the benevolent creator's fingerprint within the seeds of creation itself. Every single talent you ever had is there, even if you don't have any of those today... the record is there. Every predisposition of weakness and strength are there. Biologically, every single instruction to every single stem cell is there. . ..."

"..... DNA is a Dynamic Molecule, not a static one.

Humanity is stuck in the 3D portion of their biological thinking. In your 3-D life, you simply accept the chemistry you're given. You act as though the three percent gene producing part is all there is. You believe it is a chemical protocol that is unchangeable and simply "you." You don't see it for the way it's designed. It's dynamic and always has been. It's not set, but will continue to simply repeat what it does unless there is another quantum influence on it.

Therefore you live with the 3 percent as though it were all there is, and since it just "came with your body" and seems to control everything, you never talk to it. Many of you come in with pre-dispositions based upon the karma which is put upon you from your past lives. You don't come in clean [without karmic energy]. Instead, you arrive with pre-dispositions, fears and phobias. Some are positive. Perhaps you come in as a prodigy continuing your last life... the 8-year-old who can paint like a master and do brushstrokes that take 30 years to develop. What does that tell you about what must be in the DNA?

Perhaps you come in as the composer, the pianist, the prodigy, the violinist, just waiting until your hands can go on the fingerboard or can reach up and fret the notes. Perhaps you come in knowing how to play the piano, just waiting for your hands to get big enough to do what you used to do... without any lessons. How do you explain that, dear ones? The answer is that all this is contained in the dynamic quantum instruction sets of your DNA... the part you never talk to it. .."

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“…. The Biggest Change...

Old soul, right before you come back into the planet, the energy is completely different at the Wind of Birth because of what has happened in the last 20 years. In this new energy past 2013, the old soul who is coming back with that spiritual library filled with spiritual purpose is comfortable with this process. He intuitively remembers very fully what he has been through. Did you hear that? This is different than the last time! This is a result of everything that has happened in these last years. You have changed the rules!

The old soul is not going to be subject to some of the energies that push and pull a younger soul. The old soul has made up his or her mind as part of the planning about what they are going to do that they could not do before within an older energy. This is only possible since they can now plan on having the spiritual jar intuitively open early in the new life. The old soul may even know this now and plan for this before the end of his/her current life, intuitively knowing about the next life during the current life. This is the difference, dear ones. It's the beginning of "intuitive spiritual logic".

We've told you in previous channels about some of the interesting differences between new Humans and ones like you, who have been born into an older energy. We've told you that the quantum DNA alterations that you have created by living many lifetimes of awakening to enlightenment and knowledge will now allow you to be a very different child in your next life. It will be a child who remembers how to read instead of one who is taught how to read; a child who can walk earlier and talk earlier, because he remembers how. This is because the bridge in the DNA is starting to be complete between what was and what is. What this means is that the DNA is starting to quantumly change into its original state of being, which is that of being far more efficient. You will see it first in the children and, dear ones, don't expect to see it in a microscope. Instead, you will have to eventually ask a sociologist to prove any of this, for it will be seen first as a change in Human behavior.

Therefore, old souls will come in as Humans who will not need to start over and be taught everything from scratch, but instead will arrive with a full load of intuitive past-life experience. As their brains develop, they may even remember who they are [old souls who have been here before]. This is the promise of the new energy, especially after 2013. You're going to see changes in some of your children and grandchildren as they arrive and grow up. The stigma of a planet that is going to be destroyed by war or by God will not be among the energies of the new ones. The promise of a planet going into new, unchartered areas of quantum discovery will be upon them. They'll need a whole new set of tools.

Who Has Gone Through This?

Oh, you have all participated in this wind. Everyone in the room has participated in this. You stood there knowing what the life lessons were and the potentials of what was next due to what had happened in previous lives. These were not mistakes, dear ones. These were the results of potentials and plans you made for your own soul.

There is no newbie here in this room [to be explained]. Not all of you listening and reading, however, are old souls in the classic sense - souls who have been here hundreds of times. But you have been here before, so this counts as one who has walked through the process many times. It's what makes you interested in this material. Did you think of that? There is great variety, however, in the understanding of this knowledge among you. It is absorbed very differently between you. Some will sleep through it and others will be spiritually awakened by it [Kryon smile]. It depends on where you are on the path you planned. Again, each path is unique. …”

Monday, November 24, 2014

Buddhist sutras bring 95-year-old Yunlin woman back from the dead

Want China Times, CNA and Staff Reporter 2014-11-24

Yang Chang Yueh-yun clapping on her "deathbed," Nov. 21. (Photo/ Hsu Su-hui)

A 95-year-old woman in Taiwan's southern county of Yunlin came back from the dead last week after her family played her recitations of a Buddhist sutra, the China Times, sister paper to Want China Times, reported Friday.

Yang Chang Yueh-yun, 95, was pronounced dead from multiple organ failure on Nov. 14 after being hospitalized for over 10 days, according to her son Yang Shun-wen.

She was then taken home, which funeral directors had made ready for a service. Recitations of a Buddhist sutra were played, in keeping with local religious tradition.

The next day, Yang's cousin decided to put earphones around her aunt and played her a different sutra, according to her family.

Yang Chang surprised her family when she started clapping and reciting the sutra about five minutes after a recording of the sutra was played.

Yang Chang surprised even more people when her son took her mother back to the hospital where she had stayed at the following day, to the utter astonishment of the doctor who had treated her.

On Thursday, members of a Buddhist group visited the old lady in the hospital. She greeted her visitors with smiles, while patients next to her said they felt amazed after she made conversation with them.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"REVELATIONS OF DARKNESS" – (a message from Kryon channelled by Lee Carroll)

Kryon.com, October 11, 2014

This live channelling was Given in Philadelphia, PA

Lee Carroll
To help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee and Kryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Sometime information is even added. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Philadelphia on Oct 11, 2014.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. In a three-dimensional world, those here are in a meeting, sitting in a chair. Some of you are listening, but it's only your limited reality that has you listening with your ears. The truth is that this message goes beyond 3D information. My message is for old souls at this exact time on the planet, and the message is the revelation of darkness. It's not a dark message, but rather one of congratulations, of explanation, and more details perhaps than you wanted to know about things you would never want to know. But we cannot leave it alone, since you can't. We approach this subject gently, as gentle as we can for a Lightworker, an old soul on the planet who has felt nothing but high consciousness and love for most of their lives.

The Old Scale of Light and Dark

Where do we begin? Have you looked at your news lately? Are there some surprises about the way things are going? If you say yes to this, I will say to you that you weren't listening to my information that I've given many times. For two years, I have given information about this exact time. I told you that crossing this bridge of recalibration is going to upset the dark/light balance of energy on the planet.

Perhaps you have seen something called the scales of justice? The icon is a weight scale held by a blindfolded figure. The scale has two platforms balanced on each side. It looks like a chemist's scale, which some of you know about, and you are familiar with the metaphor. It represents the desire for balance in life, and especially in fairness and justice. It is the quest for balance in consciousness. I think you get the picture in your mind.

In the paradigm of light and dark, for thousands of years it hasn't been equal at all. It never has been in balance. One platform has what we will call dark consciousness and on the other platform, light consciousness. The one representing the dark has always been the winner.

Now, before we start, I want you to see what I did not say above. I did not say that on one platform there were evil spirits and dark entities. I didn't say that; I said dark consciousness. On the other side, I didn't say there were angels and spirits, devas and leprechauns. I didn't say that; I said light consciousness. I'm teaching now. I want you to know the difference in all of these things, and the difference is that the dark and light I'm speaking about right now is the consciousness developed by Human Beings.

For eons the scales have existed, and dark Human consciousness has outweighed the light. It has been out of balance and you know that. Your past life history has been part of the wars, the death and sorrow, and the survival consciousness that the planet has been engaged in. This is the main battle of the old soul on Earth, and you know it.

Envision that scale right now, in its lopsided manner, tilted, as the dark consciousness side weighs heavy. The light consciousness cannot get ahead and there is no balance. This is the way it has been lifetime after lifetime for you and all around you. It's the story of humanity on Earth.

What are the odds that you would turn this around? For 25 years, I have been telling you that the scales are changing. More than 25 years ago, they started to change and the light became more powerful and there was more of it, more quantum portions of it, more connection to the other side, and the balance started to change toward a more equal balance. World wars stopped, did you notice? Things actually got better on the planet, did you notice? Many countries have been working together with former enemies, instead of perpetuating old warring energy. Did you notice? A whole new concept had begun, a new paradigm, and the scales were beginning to be equal. The battle had begun.

The Battle Begins

When 2012 came along, the precession of the equinoxes occurred, and the new calendars of consciousness were applied. Humanity had made it, and I started talking about what would be next. I spoke about planting the seeds for a new paradigm of thinking, and in every channel I told you that the battle begins now.

I want to tell you something, Lightworker. When those scales started to move in the direction of balance, light did not become heavier in order to create that. Instead, what had to happen was that the light dismissed the dark. It reduced the amount of darkness and the scales started to move. The dark was losing its substance. Do you understand? As the darkness lost its substance (influence), the light started to rebalance the scales in its favor. We have always told you that darkness has no energy by itself. Darkness is simply the absence of light. Therefore by default, if there is more light, there will be less darkness.

Now, if you look at the scales right now, the light is winning. You've passed the marker into the potentials that the ancients spoke of. In a channelling some weeks ago, I identified this marker in West Virginia as The Wisdom Barrier. I instructed my partner to put this particular channelling in a place you could hear it and he did [Kryon free audio]. You'll be able to hear what the wisdom barrier is, what the benevolence factor is, and what these things are that have started to change the energy consciousness of the planet. But don't forget what you've done. You've provoked the dark consciousness! You've poked it and it's mad! You took out a bat of light and swiped at the nest. Are you hearing this? Darkness, for the first time, is in survival mode! Two years ago, we told you to be ready for the darkness. It will not give up without a battle, and now the battle is here.

Do Not Despair

There's too much information to give you in one channelling, in one sitting, so I refer to past messages for you to better understand and reference the information in order to get the bigger picture. So I wish to remind you of something I also told you in a recent channelling called Do Not Despair. You're winning! It's because you're winning that the dark consciousness on this planet is feeling it, and the humanity that represents darkness is pulling out everything it has to survive.

It Has Always Been There

Let's look at it, because it's all over the news. Are you shocked at the sudden existence of the organization that will remain unnamed [for this channelling]? Where did it come from? How could it be so organized? How could it be so well funded? This organization could have its own country soon! They might as well name it, “The Old Energy Dark Country”, for that's what it will represent.

The barbaric past of humanity comes forward to show its face. It has always been there, hiding under the rocks and between the cracks of civilized humanity. It couldn't show itself until now, but now it has to. It's ugly and it's not for the faint at heart, is it, dear ones? Seeing evil personified in Human action is abhorrent. It is so ugly and so dark that you cannot look upon it with a gentle heart. God is not a part of it and this is obvious.

You're winning! Light is winning! The uprising of dark consciousness would not have shown itself with this strength, or this quickly, if this were not so. This is exactly what I told you to look for, and it is proof that those representing this dark consciousness are in trouble. Dear ones, dark consciousness has always had a tried-and-true system. It lurks in the shadows and influences all the power places of the planet - government, commerce, finance. Suddenly, it can't hide there as well anymore and it's out in the open.

Where is the funding coming from? It is coming from a storehouse that has always been there, dear ones. It uses income that has been generated from low consciousness acts, collected for a very long time. Funding didn't just appear. It has been stored, waiting to be used in order to spread fear and darkness to save what they believe is their way.

Who Will Win?

Dear ones, they haven't got a chance! But it looks like they do, doesn't it? Everything that they are doing is calculated to scare you into submission. Are they winning? Now, that's a question I want you to take from here and examine every day.

Fear is black. If you're in fear, there is no light. You can be the grandest Lightworker, or even be the channeller, but if you're in fear, it doesn't matter how many years you've done light work, or how much light you've accumulated personally. It all goes away with fear, and then they've won the battle for your mind. Do you understand this?

The Strength of the Old Soul - YOU

Old souls, Lightworkers reading this, the experiences you have had over lifetimes and lifetimes are incredible! The old soul knows fear. I don't want to be too graphic, but I want you to understand! What was it like when you put your head in the guillotine because you talked about God in a way that was inappropriate? What was it like to be bound hand and foot when they lit the match at your feet? Old soul, that's fear! You carry those experiences in your Akash.

I want to tell you they haven't got a chance to scare you! You absolutely know what fear is, and they haven't got a chance as long as you cling to that part of you that is the strength of God. You've been through it all. That means you've got the weapons of truth, wisdom and light. Don't forget it. Don't forget who you are!

Do you see how fast they assembled? It seemed like only yesterday that there was no organization at all. Where did they come from? Have you noticed a certain hesitancy to fight them? Why is it that the citizens of the lands that they are invading are hesitant to fight them? Instead, these leaders are calling on others to help. Why is it that the others are also hesitant? I want to show you that there are some anomalies of logic that are not making sense, because this is a battle you have never seen before on this planet. We've expected it, but you haven't. It's about consciousness, not land or resources.

How to Win?

We gave you the secret before of how to defeat them without taking even one life: Simply take away their funding. They cannot exist without their funding. The funding has to be organized, stored, and distributed. It has to be generated in such a way that it must also go through institutions. Did you hear that? All you have to do is stop the system. Winning won't be done with bombing. It's going to be done with intelligence, clever thinking and financial forensics. It's time to get smart on some of these things and not to be afraid to look at this puzzle differently than you have before. Do not apply the energy they are using in order to fight them, because you won't win. Figure it out. It's the last bastion of organized darkness and evil thinking on this planet coming together to try to survive the assault of your light. Don't be afraid to look at the funding trail, no matter where it takes you.

Fear is Their Weapon

I want you to know something as you look at your news. It may appear that you are unable to stop them. In many places, they will gain strength as they create fear. The fear is easily created in those who are not old souls and who don't know fear like you do and who don't have the armor of your spiritual experiences. This puts you in the front line, dear one. Did you realize that? But you don't have to go fight them on their terms. All you have to do is broadcast light. High consciousness will beat fear any day.

Definitions of Darkness and Evil

There's more. Would you define evil for me? This is a lesson that some of you need to hear and that some of you will not look at, because Human Beings want to assign evil to entities. Many Humans want to put evil in another box, not a Human box. The old energy wants to stick to traditional mythology, and it's time you knew the truth. For years, there has been belief in evil spirits and evil entities. These are thought to be outside forces that battle humanity for control of the light.

Dear ones, I would like to tell you what evil really is. Evil is the manifestation of a dark energy within a Human Being or group of Human Beings who, on purpose, take this darkness and generate it, amplify it, and focus it. Certain dictators of the planet did it perfectly, and you saw them. No outside evil spirits were involved or needed. A few Humans were able to focus and manifest it so well that everyone around them cooperated with it and bought into it. That's evil. They didn't even need a convenient entity with horns and a tail. They did it themselves. This is what Humans can do!

This is a powerful attribute of humanity, and light and dark energy can go both ways. Through free choice, humanity can create light or dark. This ability is generated by the incredible power of humanity and the duality it carries. Humanity does not need outside help to create evil.

We told you before that in your Human civilization, free choice has placed humanity at the crossroads of existence four times before on this planet. This is because the dark consciousness won those time periods. It's not that surprising either, since humanity was in survival mode all through these times and there was very little light from expanded spiritual thinking.

The Role of Gaia in Human Consciousness

One of those times might be frightening for you to know about, since it was a full cooperation with Gaia for your termination, and a pandemic almost wiped humanity off the map. A pandemic! Now, you say, "What has that got to do with Human consciousness, Kryon?" Pay attention, dear ones, because this is the day where the teaching was given by my partner, and he put together the Nine Human Attributes. One of the attribute sets included three Gaia attributes and one of them was the consciousness of the planet. Gaia is related to Human consciousness!

Are you starting to connect the dots? You are connected to this planet in a profound and spiritual way. As goes humanity goes the planet's consciousness. Gaia, Mother Nature, whatever you want to call it, cooperates with Human consciousness. If you spend 1,000 years killing each other, then Gaia will do its best to cooperate with your desires! Gaia will look at Human consciousness and try to help with what you have shown you like to do! Did you know this role of Gaia with you? It's a partner with you, fast tracking what you give to it. You may wish to review what the indigenous of the planet still understand. Gaia is a partner!

Pandemic: Don't you find it odd that in the last 50 years, when you have a population of seven billion Human Beings, with up to 2,000 airplanes in the air at any given moment, going between almost every conceivable place, that there has not been a pandemic in your lifetime? There have been five starts of potential pandemics over the last 20 years, yet none became serious. Did any of you put this together? Dear ones, when the world was far less populated a few hundred years ago, with no mass travel to spread a virus, there were still millions wiped out by a pandemic. With the increased population and mass travel, there is far more danger today than before. It doesn't make sense, does it? What happened to stop it?

When you know humanity's relationship to Gaia, it makes sense. Gaia is a life-force that is your partner, watching you change the balance of light and dark and reflecting what Humans want. It has polarity, too! Perhaps it's time to start your meditations with thanking your planet Earth for supporting you in the spirituality of your Akash, for always being with you, a life-force that is always present. The ancients started their ceremonies in that way. Have you forgotten?


Now, I've just set the stage for the next subject, haven't I? Ebola. Are you afraid yet? Gaia is a life-force that is a part of Human consciousness. My partner put it on the screen today so you could see the connections [during the lecture series]. Now it's time to connect the dots. Dear one, Gaia is in the battle, too, for here comes something scary that you haven't had in your lifetime and you're afraid of it - the potential of a pandemic on the planet.

There's a very famous film that has some dialogue that my partner will quote. Some of you will know it and some of you won't, but here it is: "Have a little fire, scarecrow?" What are you afraid of? Darkness? Gaia is in the battle with you and is actively pursuing solutions through light. The energy of the planet is with you in this fight! The ebola virus is a shock and a surprise. It is propelled by ignorance and fear, so it can flourish. Look at where it started and look at how it gets its ability to continue. It expands its fear and power easily with those who believe it's a curse instead of those who understand the science.

Villages are filled with those who refuse to leave their family members because they believe the disease is a curse! FEAR! Instead of understanding that they should be in isolation from the virus, the family dies together through ignorance and fear. This represents how darkness works. Are you going to become afraid also? Dear ones, ebola will be conquered. Know this and be at peace. Pray for light for those in the villages who are afraid, that they can know more about how to keep the spread of this disease and live to see their families.

You Are Changing History

You are the ones who have caused this change, dear ones. Congratulations for shining a light so bright that you've got darkness on the run. The proof of this is in everything I just told you. Against all odds, you've got a virus without a cure. Against all odds, you've got a barbarian movement that is as evil and dark as you could imagine and has seemingly organized overnight. Against all odds, this organization has multiple funding sources, financial distribution, and plenty of help to scare everyone around it. So frightening is it that there are coalitions between countries that would never get together and agree on anything, yet they are now at the table figuring out how to fight the darkness. That's evil!

Evil is not created through outside forces any more than light is created through outside forces. Light and dark is a balance that humanity has the ability to pull in either direction. Did you hear that? You can go as dark as you want or as light as you want, and you have always had that ability. This is the duality that you have seen through your history, forever. However, you are in a situation where you have now come out of a barbarian age - thousands of years of conquering and killing and war - and you've turned a corner.

Again, I say to you: Do not despair! Generate the light that you came in with and stand tall and out of fear. "That's too simple, Kryon." Oh really? How do you think this planet has turned this major corner, dear Lightworker? Old soul, do you not understand that the light that you have is a multidimensional force? It is not linear. It is not the amount of it that is important. It's the intent of it and the truth of it. That is to say, a little goes a long way and old souls are extremely powerful in this department.

I close with this. More than 20 years ago, I sat in a chair just like this one with my partner. He was starting to open his mouth for the first time in front of a group. One of the first metaphors that he ever gave was called The Room of Darkness. I'm now going to give it again. For now, of all times on the planet, you need to hear it again. The dynamics of dark and light are not about quantity.

The Room of Darkness

You're in a room and it's dark and it's filled with many Human Beings. The room is so dark that you bump into each other. It's frightening not to be able to see who is next to you, or who they might represent, how big they are, what gender they are, or anything about them. You feel isolated.

You cling to your neighbor by holding hands. You find others who will hold hands with you, and you're safe as long as you hold hands. It's dark! Don't bump into the others! You don't know who they are or what they want. Only trust those you know who are holding your hand! The others are only after your resources! It's best if you can come together, perhaps build a little city of your own, then put walls around it so that the "others" can't get you. You can't see! It's dark. They could have weapons, they could be after you. You just don't know. You can't see them.

For hundreds, if not thousands, of years, this parable represented the consciousness of the planet. You separated, you combined, you defended. Others who were, indeed, in the dark, conquered any lands that they could overrun with their power.

In this dark room, suddenly there appears a Lightworker, an older soul. He lights a match. Now a match doesn't create much light, but if you're in a totally black room, a little light goes a long way. Suddenly, the room changes. It's not flooded with light, but you can start to see around you, dimly. You can see your neighbors for the first time! They are just like you - afraid! Shortly, Humans start to drop the walls; they break the circle and stop holding hands with only their family. Instead, they find other hands to hold, and they find other circles are just like they are.

Many want to know where the light came from. They don't even know the name of the match bearer, do they? Did the match bearer have a doctrine? No. Did the match bearer have an organization to join or promote? No. What did the match bearer have? Light! Many want more of it. They look at the match bearer and they say, "May we share the fire from your match?" The answer is yes, and suddenly there's even more light. Others then go and share their light from their matches. With every match, there's more light, and now many can see each other clearly. With the light, there's no reason at all for fear. The darkness is gone.

This is the metaphor of the light consciousness on the planet, slowly increasing. We gave this story to you 20 years ago. We did it then because we knew about the potential of today and your battle with the dark.

Shine your light by how you react to all this and by staying out of fear. The whole world will be brighter for it. The darkness, the pandemic, no dark thing can survive your light! This is the truth of the time you have waited for. I want you to carry this concept home. It's profound, isn't it?

I told you it was coming and now here it is. Deal with it, dear ones. I just told you how. You're winning the battle. Don't watch the news for your truth, for it will make you fear. After all, it's their job. Understand this, and be wise in a time of change.

And so it is.